How do I place Toipal on my toilet?

Place on the side of your toilet. If it's unstable, place the S cup in the hole. If still unstable, place the M or L cups.

Make sure you place Toipal at 3 o'clock if on the right side, or 9 if on the left.

Does Toipal work on any toilet?

Other than Signature Series toilets, Toipal works on 99% of toilets. 

How do I replace the refill?

Twist to pull empty refill out and twist back the new one.


What is the formula?

Toipal’s formula is 100% safe to use and consists of common biodegradable ingredients that are used in toilet sprays and other odor removal products. For ingredients list, click here.

Why is the toilet seat has a small angle?

Toipal is automatically activated when you sit. Your weight presses the lever which causes it to spray. Once you stand, the lever slightly raises the toilet seat so it's automatically for the next use. The angle is so small you won't even notice it,